Editable Wix Website Template 

(includes blog and social media feeds)


LIVE DEMO:   https://luckylovecreative.wixsite.com/amelia-michele


Available Add-On Items:

Logo (as seen on demo)

Connect A Domain

Create My Wix Account

Customize Fonts

Customize Colors

Additional Pages

Content Customization

1 Hour Wix Training Session

photographer website template

  • Please note that this purchase is for the template only. It will not include the logo design seen in the live demo. This website template is a Wix template and will require a Wix account.


    To create a Wix Account please visit www.wix.com.  Wix will charge a fee to connect a domain you currently own and to remove any ads that will appear on your website. This fee is paid directly to Wix through your account and is not included in this purchase. 


    Should you not have your domain purchased as of yet, Wix does offer a package that includes your domain purchase for 1 year as well as your site hosting for a year for a flat rate.


    Please note that this template will be sold again