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Hello and thanks so much for stopping by!  I'm Tracy, the designer behind all that you see here!  You will find some of my creative work, DIY guides, inspiration and even some freebies!  So grab a cup of coffee and a blanket to snuggle in and stay a while!

Nikki Cagle | Brand & Website Launch

Updated: Jun 21, 2018

Nikki Cagle is a lifestyle brand that focuses on beauty, style and fitness as well as all of the in between moments of life. In my first few email exchanges with Nikki I knew she was going to become more than just a client. She's has a fun and sarcastic sense of humor (my kinda gal). After gathering all of her information it was clear she wanted something bright and boho inpired. Part of her lifestyle brand is her salon and mobile hair salon. She offers a wide range of hair services from her in-home studio and provides on-site wedding hair service.

In creating her brand I went with a color palette that was both feminine and fun. For her logo, brand and blog design I wanted to create something that would speak to not only the fashion and beauty aspect of her business, but the positive and motivating fitness advice she provides. For all of you ladies (or even gents) out there, check her out! She's sure to have something that will inspire you! She has a wonderful lust for life despite some of the hardships she faced, she sends out all of the positive vibes and is all around fun. And her brand exudes just that. Pretty, upbeat, and fun! Check her out here!



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